Friday, August 15, 2008

August 15, 2008, Finish Plus One Week

The ride is done but the garage is not cleaned up yet. That's my next project! Following posts are additional images from most recently finishing in Yorktown, back to final days in Missouri. Also, here are a few factoids from the trip. I may add a few more as I think of them or calculate them. I pedalled for 395 hours during 72 days of actual biking, for 4,452 miles. (Remember, I had three days off the bike.) That comes to 1.896 million pedal strokes and an average speed of 11.27 MPH. I need to count up number of pancakes eaten and report on a later post. I thouroughly enjoyed the ride, the wonderful and memorable experiences, and especially the many people I met along the way. I am very appreciative of the love, support, and prayers of family members, (especially my wife, Kathy), friends, and St. John Neumann Church "family." I am amazed at the amount of interest the trip generated. I wish the best to fellow cyclists I met and urge on those still working their way across the country, especially you, Lucas! You can do it!

That's it!